Launch Week: Revenue Insights

Introducing our first iteration of real-time revenue insights! 📊 With Revenue Insights, you will be able to: 🗓️ Splits between your recurring and non-recurring revenue 📈 Overview of your total revenue, segmented into metered and non-metered

Launching: Streamlined Quote Acceptance Flow

🤔 Is there anything more exciting than repeatedly copying pricing details from order forms in DocuSign to Salesforce/HubSpot, only to redo the same process in Intuit QuickBooks/Xero to invoice customers accurately? I

Launching: Bulk Invoicing Actions

Imagine your team has worked around the clock, ensuring every detail of your next batch of invoices is ready to go. But now, you face the daunting task of reconciling the statuses of

Alguna – Modern Pricing, Quoting & Billing Platform

Alguna is a modern pricing, quoting, and billing platform for B2B SaaS. Companies use it to unify the quote-to-revenue process by automating complex and manual back-office operations. Book a demo to learn more.